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Story Telling

This week the children have been listening to stories, retelling stories and using small world characters to make up their own stories. The children have read short stories and practiced how to answer questions about the text using full sentences.

The children made up names for different sea creatures and used them to make up their own stories.

The children listened to the story 'A Tale of Two Frogs' - a traditional story from Russia:

They then retold the story, considering the main events in order. The children also talked about which part of the story was their favourite, explaining their choices.

The children have worked in groups in Maths to listen to the story 'The Doorbell Rang'. They then worked in pairs to solve the division problems, showing their working out.

The children have used different objects to help them solve a range of mathematical questions related to division. Th…

One World Week

As part of One World Week the children have been looking at the country of Australia. They used QR codes to research information related to: the climate; food and drink; animals and travel experiences.

They listened to and discussed the events of the story 'What Made Tiddalik Laugh'.

They have enjoyed learning to sing and dance to the well-known Australian song 'Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport'.

The children looked at pictures of food that they might eat if they were in Australia: Fairy Bread and Vegemite Sandwiches. They discussed the ingredients and how this food could be made. The children then made their own versions of these foods. Many of the children did not like the smell of the Vegemite, but actually enjoyed the taste.