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Longer, Shorter and Taller

In Maths this week the children have been exploring the concept of length. They have used vocabulary including: longer, shorter and taller to discuss their learning.

We measured one another using centimetres.

Some children solved problems by identifying the longest lines and then used a ruler to draw a shorter line.

Some children used play dough to make longer and shorter snakes. They then used cubes to measure how long each snake was.

Some children were able to solve a word problem: Two children make a tower each. They share 20 cubes between them. Child 1 makes a tower that is tallest. How tall could each tower be?
In English we are reading the story 'We All Went on Safari'. We have been thinking about the different animals we might see. The children worked with a partner to write descriptions of different animals.

A Parade of Vehicles

This week the children have begun their new Topic 'From A to B'. We have shared photos and talked about different forms of transport the children have used.

All of the children completed their homework project, which involved them making a vehicle that they could wear. And what great results we had: trains, planes, cars, a tuk-tuk and a tank!

The children enjoyed listening to one another talk about their vehicles. They asked questions such as: Who made it? Why did you choose to make it? What did you use to make it?