How to be an Effective Communicator

This week the children have been thinking about speaking and listening in small group and class situations. They have discussed the need to look at the person who is talking. They have practiced using different voices - louder when talking to the whole class and quieter when talking to a partner.

As part of our Topic we have looked at toys made from different materials. The children have talked to a partner about how to sort the toys into two groups. They then worked as a class to create the two groups and write labels for them.

The children have been introduced to the terms 'observational drawing' and 'sketching'. They explored these skills when drawing a picture of their toys. At the end of the session the children evaluated one another's work and were able to comment on whether their friends had been Academically Successful.

More or Less?

In Maths this week the children have been using the terms 'more' and 'less'. They have used different equipment to find one more and one less. Some children challenged themselves by finding 2 more/less and 5 more/less.