Boat Races and More...

This week started with great excitement as the children were looking forward to racing their boats against each other. The children all agreed on the rules: the boats must start from one side; the boats had to be moved by blowing them and the winner was the first to touch the other side.

Each child took part in several races, so they were able to discuss how to improve their techniques.

Testing our boats to make sure they float.

On your marks, get set, GO...!!!

The Champion of Champions Race!

Observational Drawing

To start our new topic, 'Who Am I?' the children have been drawing detailed pictures of themselves and their friends. The initial learning experience involved the children being given a photo of half of their face and they had to draw the other half. The children explored the concept of sketching, which enabled them to make changes to their work without leaving a permanent mark. They looked carefully at shapes, sizes and positions of different features on their faces.

Come and have a look at the picture your child has created!

Tens and Units

In Maths this week the children have been exploring the tens and units/ones equipment. They have explored how to use tens and units to represent different numbers. Some of the children have used tens and units to add together two 2-digit numbers.



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